Antennas in Inhomogeneous Media by Janis Galejs, A. L. Cullen, V. A. Fock and J. R. Wait

By Janis Galejs, A. L. Cullen, V. A. Fock and J. R. Wait (Auth.)

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Wu, T. T. (1961) Theory of the dipole antenna and the two-wire transmission Line, J. Math. Physics 2 (4), 550-74. W u , T . T. (1962) Theory of thin circular loop antenna, J. Math. Physics 3, 1301-4. Wu, T. T. and C H E N , C. L. (1967) Theory of the long dipole antenna, Antenna Theory, ed. by R. E. Collin and F. A. Zucker, McGraw-Hill, New York, NY. 1. Concept of Complementary Antennas A set of complementary antennas can be defined in the following manner. A slot of width w and length 2/ is cut in a conducting ground plane, is excited by a voltage V impressed across its center portion, and radiates into the upper half space.

4 This ratio is approximately equal to antenna efficiency, provided Rr < RL. The constants C ^ ) and C 2 (0i) are plotted in Fig. 28). The above equations for loop antennas are valid only for a uniform current flow through the loop. Phase shifters may be required in larger loops to achieve this condition. The spherically shaped dielectric cores are encountered infrequently in engineering applications. Hence, it is desirable to derive approximate expressions for antenna parameters that would also apply to other core shapes.

30). ) = A^ ^2 2 2 / ( A ) = 4A 2 ■>r. 36) 2 n ( / t + l ) Pn(cosO 1 «(/I+1)(2/I+1)(2. 37) ANGLE A = (7T/2 - 0,) - DEGREES FIG. 1. Parameters for determining loop characteristics. and where n may assume only values of odd positive integers. Plots of 5, (0,) and S3 (6X) are shown in Fig. 1. The length of wire in this coil is / = 2A#/tana:. 26) as P = j£ = \(k2aycl{e1). 27) as •= — = 5 RL CitanSj C2(0X). 40) 52 A N T E N N A S IN INHOMOGENEOUS MEDIA Ch. 4 This ratio is approximately equal to antenna efficiency, provided Rr < RL.

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