Among the Farmyard People by Clara Dillingham Pierson

By Clara Dillingham Pierson

Introduces teenagers to the animals of the farmyard via a sequence of attractive tales concerning the sheep, chickens, cows, and horses that reside there. With new animals arriving on a regular basis, we make the acquaintance additionally of a pig and a peacock, in addition to a few geese and guinea fowls. each one tale closes with a steady ethical, inspiring young ones to correct habit. appealing black and white illustrations supplement the textual content. compatible for a while five and up.

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The Bay Colt was very fond of his cousin, but he did like to tease her, and once in the fall, before they came to stay in the barn, he called her a "goody-goody" because she wouldn't jump the fence and run away with him. He said she wouldn't do such things because she didn't know what fun was. Then she did show that she had a temper, for her brown eyes snapped and her soft lips were raised until she showed all her biting teeth. "I'm not a 'goody-goody,' " she cried, stamping the ground with her pretty little hoofs, "and I just ache to go.

You have given me a very pleasant morning. " The mother Duck and her son waddled off together. " said she. "I forgot all about it until I began to walk," answered the Duckling. " "Not at all," said his mother. "It was because you were making somebody else happy. ' " The Fussy Queen Bee IN a sheltered corner of the farmyard, where the hedge kept off the cold winds and the trees shaded from hot summer sunshine, there were many hives of Bees. One could not say much for the Drones, but the others were the busiest of all the farmyard people, and they had so much to do that they did not often stop to visit with their neighbors.

They knew he would be glad to hear of their friends' return, for had they not seen him pick up a young Swallow one day and put him in a safer place? " and there was a sudden darkening of the sky above their heads, a whirr of many wings, a chattering and laughing of soft voices, and the Swallows had come. Perched on the ridge-pole of the big barn, they rested and visited and heard all the news. The Doves were there, walking up and down the sloping sides of the roof and cooing to each other about the simple things of every-day life.

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