Amidines and Imidates: Volume 1 (1975)

Chapter 1 normal and theoretical features of amidines and imidic acid derivatives (pages 1–84): G. Hafelinger
Chapter 2 structure, configurational and conformational facets, and chiroptical homes of imidic acid derivatives (pages 85–155): G. Fodor and B. A. Phillips
Chapter three Detection and backbone of imidic acid derivatives (pages 157–188): W. H. Prichard
Chapter four Rearrangements related to imidsc acid derivatives (pages 189–240): C. G. McCarty and L. A. Garner
Chapter five The electrochemistry of Imsdic esters and amidines (pages 241–253): Henning Lund
Chapter 6 organic reactions and pharmaceutical makes use of of imidic acid derivatives (pages 255–281): Raymond J. Grout
Chapter 7 guidance and artificial makes use of of amidines (pages 283–348): Jean?Albert Gautier, Marcel Miocque and Claude Combet Farnoux
Chapter eight Kinetics and mechanisms of reactions of amidines (pages 349–384): Robert H. de Wolfe
Chapter nine Imidates together with cyclic imidates (pages 385–489): Douglas G. Neilson
Chapter 10 The chemistry of amidrazones (pages 491–545): okay. M. Watson and D. G. Neilson
Chapter eleven Estimation of the thermochemistry of imidic acid derivatives (pages 547–564): Robert Shaw
Chapter 12 complicated formation, H?bonding and basicity of imidic acid derivatives (pages 565–617): J. Sevcik and F. Grambal

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2. Amidines In the amidine group the two nitrogens are no longer equivalent. 'This is reflected by different heteroatom- - 12 ' /C \-3 -! / C\@ -N I - 1 N- (37b) (37a) parameters (equations 8) for the H M O calculation for the x-system. 0 (8) The results of the calculation are given in Figure 3. 828 P). The formerly non-bonding MO c2 is now intermediate in energy between the two different nitrogen atomic p-orbitals. The x-bond order indicates the non-equivalence of the two C-N bonds corresponding to the mesomeric form (37a).

1425 ( 5 ) 1057 (2) ? 720 (8) ? 3417 (9) 3368 (10) 2950 (0) 1690 (10) 1555 (1) 1411 (6) 1081 (3) 1020 (0) 450 (2) 510 (2)? 2950 (0) 1411 (6) 1053 (1) 720 (0)? 610 (8) ? 2531 ( 2397 2950 1642 1176 1412 ( 943 ( 1020 ? 2950 1412 1050 621 450 ? r. and Raman active, Az is only Raman active. v = valence vibration to hydrogen; w = valence vibration between heavy atoms; 6 = in plane deformation vibration; p vibration; I' = out of plane deformation vibration; A planar skeleton deformation vibration. L- G.

N/2(N - . . #N/2$N/2[ - 1)#N/2(N)p(N)} (1 1) 1. Aspects of amidines and imidic acid derivatives 29 The MO’s # j are constructed from a linear combination of N atomic p-orbitals v, (equation 12). The LCAO-MO coefficients c,, are determined by solution of a set of secular equations (1 3). 5 Cj1Juv = 5 Ej u=l (v = CjUSUV 1 , 2 . N ) (1 3) lL=1 By use of the zero-differential-overlap approximation the overlap integrals S,, are neglected unless ,u = v in which case they are equal to unity. All two-electron integrals (equation 14) which depend on the overlapping of charge distributions of different atomic orbitals are neglected.

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