Allocating Public and Private Resources across Generations: by Alexander A. Weinreb (auth.), Anne H. Gauthier, C. Y. Cyrus

By Alexander A. Weinreb (auth.), Anne H. Gauthier, C. Y. Cyrus Chu, Professor Shripad Tuljapurkar (eds.)

In swiftly industrializing international locations, demographic adjustments proceed to have major results at the wellbeing and fitness of people and households, and as mixture human and fiscal capital. those results should be analyzed when it comes to inter-generational transfers of time, cash, items, and providers. The chapters during this quantity drastically strengthen our realizing of the character and size of transfers, their causes and mechanisms, and their macro-level dimensions, particularly within the context of demographic transitions.

The chapters comprise unique empirical analyses of datasets from a few twenty nations taking the reader past the yankee context that allows you to attempt the applicability of a few of the theories constructed at the foundation of yankee info. They expand the normal research of inter-generational transfers through reading kinds of transfers, specifically items, cash, resources, time, co-residence and visits. moreover, the chapters transcend the learn of conventional mum or dad – baby transfers to ascertain transfers to kins and the bi-directionality of transfers.

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Column 2 in Table 2 shows the proportion of respondents without kin in these SUBSTITUTION AND SUBSTITUTABILITY 25 Table 3. Cell-sizes for multinomial logit models used to estimate substitution and related effects, as presented in Appendix Tables 1a and b. Transfers reported but Transfers reported does not have surviving No transfers and has surviving kin kin Q; therefore used to estimate dKrk Qrk reported: Q; therefore used to interaction effect in Reference estimate cKrk main effect in model model category Total (1) Wife’s kin Father Mother Paternal uncles Paternal aunts Maternal uncles Maternal aunts Husband’s kin Father Mother Paternal uncles Paternal aunts Maternal uncles Maternal aunts R→K K→R R↔K R→K K→R R↔K (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) 85 71 405 389 407 438 35 70 38 54 48 63 41 44 30 26 73 63 50 111 21 39 39 49 18 18 19 22 14 18 22 11 15 10 22 18 26 28 11 16 12 14 277 353 540 556 616 665 51 52 345 294 383 336 45 70 59 67 65 64 9 9 41 28 63 40 51 87 33 39 56 47 29 27 27 30 20 28 6 3 19 13 19 17 32 33 15 18 17 20 223 281 538 489 623 552 16 groups).

4 1 2 3 4 The Elderly Survey is conducted by the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Taiwan. Detailed information of the PSFD survey is provided later in Section 3. These figures are calculated based on respondents with at least one living parent. Since there are no mandatory social security pensions in Taiwan, the proportion of bequeathable assets relative to total assets should be higher in Taiwan than in the US. 39 Anne H. Gauthier et al. ), Allocating Public and Private Resources across Generations, 39–61.

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