Ajs Review, Volume Two, 1977 by Frank (Ed. ) Talmage

By Frank (Ed. ) Talmage

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Isidor Grunfeld (London, 1962), 2:327. , p. 411. " It is incumbent, therefore,upon those responsiblefor the rearingof the young to provide them with "the possibility of becoming self-supporting"through the acin adquisitionof "somebusiness,some craft,some art, some profession""95 ditionto whateverotherskillsand knowledgemaybe requiredfor life in and out of the Jewish community. The proposedcollege was to serve ". the double purposeof educatingboth liberallyand Jewishlya number of Jewish young men who have been alreadyimbuedwith the spirit and sanctityof Judaismand its teachings,so that these men may not be lost to us...

Alexander Dushkin and Uriah Engelman, Jewish Education in the United States (New York, 1959), p. 87. 102. , Education in American History (New York, 1937), pp. 236-50. 34 WALTER I. ACKERMAN retainethnicand religiousidentitiesand wereoftencruellyindifferentto the needfor the familiarwhichimpelledthe newAmericanto seekremindersof his origins. Those who left the country of their birth had done so out of a desire to better themselves socially and economically. If the public school, free and open to all, was the road which led to position and acceptance,the ethnicallyorientedschool, religiousand secular,was surelynothing but a detour leadingto a social and economicdead end.

An article by Abraham Liessen, the Yiddish poet, is worth quoting at length: ... The Jewish students in the schools and colleges everywhereare the brightest and most diligent . ;the lists of prizewinners are proof. The childrenof homeless. and drivenRussian, Galician,and RumanianJews win the most prizes. In the old countrythese childrenwould have had little chanceof goingto school;in the old countrythousandsof thesechildrencould not even have been sure of remainingamong the living.. and here in America they win first prize ....

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