Airplane Power Plants Systems Designing (synopsis) by V. Shmyrov, et al.,

By V. Shmyrov, et al.,

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20 shows the other example of engine mount to a pylon under the wing. In this case, the engine is connected to the pylon by three pins, each of them can carry out three forces (axial force and two shear ones). Fig. 20. Engine Mount of (Bypass) Turbojet to Pylon 48 Theme 4. VIBRATIONS OF POWER PLANTS. 1. Types of Vibrations. Causes of Vibrations. Effects of Vibrations Process of periodic change of some generalized coordinate in time is called vibrations (oscillations). The number of oscillations which is carried out by a system in a unit of time is called frequency of oscillation.

The reasons of vibrations of the engines are as follows: – Non-uniformity of torque of piston engines; – Unbalance of inertial force of a translational and a rotary motion of engine parts; – Static and dynamic unbalance of rotating engine parts. 49 The reasons of vibrations of a propeller are its static, dynamic and aerodynamic unbalances. The static unbalance of a propeller (Fig. 2, a) appears when the center of mass of a propeller does not coincide with its axis of rotation. Value of this noncoincidence is determined by the tolerance on static balance of a propeller.

It allows: first, to reduce length of rods 6. Second, a beam usually carries compressive stresses better than a rod. It is necessary to note, that in this case the beam carries bending stress only from action of side loads. 3. Engine Mounts of (Bypass) Turbojets Depending on engine arrangement at an airplane, engine mounts can strongly differ. Engine mounts of (bypass) turbojets are usually designed by truss or truss-girder airframe. It is necessary to note, that trusses in this case usually represent a set of separate rods.

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