The Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero-Sen ("Hamp") by Rene J. Francillon

By Rene J. Francillon

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Most academic researchers do not feel the need to address this problem. P. Bonissone their results, and publish them in a paper. Unless KBS solutions are deployed and used in the field, there is no need to worry about their upkeep and maintenance over time. As more SC-based applications are developed, the number of SC deployed models will increase and this need will become more apparent. In a few examples [61-69, 72-75], we have seen the use of meta-heuristics to separate and automate the design and tuning phase (at the meta-level) from the creation of models at the object level.

Zadeh’s idea of fuzzy algorithm was then proved to really work. Nowadays, this sort of automatic parking system with image feedback was implemented in some cars. Together with - ~ 24 M. Sugeno the Sendai subway that began to run in the same year 1978, fuzzy control was exploring a new world for fuzzy theory. Ten years had passed since I had left QMC. Now I like to go back a little bit before. Four years after my return from QMC, I asked Professor Mamdani to accept a graduate student of Professor Terano.

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