After the Flood: World Politics and Democracy in the Wake of by Bogdan Denitch

By Bogdan Denitch

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Unions that are forced to make any peace available with employers are, of course, only marginally better than no unions. However, their existence contributes to the image of a trade union institution that is bent on surviving at any cost and can make no general appeal for support 40 AFTER THE FLOOD from a wider public. Whatever else it is, it is not a movement making a general appeal on behalf of working people. Why It Is Bad for Capitalists to Get What They Want The United States has not lost a major war or been conquered by a cruel enemy, so the reasons for its decline have to be sought elsewhere.

Fumbling and lack of initiatives and the flexibility demonstrated by French president Mitterrand, in his role as the chair of the European Community in 1989, in changing the traditional French attitude toward the prospects of German unification and again in 1990 in his willingness to use diplomatic means to try to settle the crisis in the Persian Gulf. S. military performance in the Gulf died out. The Gulf War solved nothing; it merely postponed having to face a new reality, that military power is an excessively blunt instrument for foreign policy purposes and above all for assuring stable peace settlements.

And yet the aged vote in relatively large numbers and are, at least compared to the rest of the population, relatively well organized. Who is the political system responding to then? During the past decade the living standards of the middle class have stagnated while those of the working class have decayed. This is in a society that pays its chief executive officers incomparably higher salaries than those of the executives of Japan or Germany. 8 Auto firms simultaneously give huge bonuses to their executives while demanding give-backs and layoffs from their workers.

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