Aeroelasticity of plates and shells by E.H. Dowell

By E.H. Dowell

Publication by means of Dowell, E.H.

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The edge P1* P2* may not be in line with Q1Q2. Let p 1* be the unit vector along P1* P2* . Then p 1* = P2* – P1* | P2* – P1* | Angle α between p 1* and q1 can be found using cos α = p 1* · q1. Let u = p 1* × q1 = [ux uy uz 0] be a unit vector passing through P1* (which is coincident with Q1) and perpendicular to the plane containing p 1* and q1. Rotating P1* P2* to coincide with Q1Q2 involves rotating P2* about u through an angle α for P2* to finally lie on Q1Q2. Let the new position of P1P2P3 be P1′ P2′ P3′ .

Again, an intermediate value is preferred, rather than an extreme value. From these two assumptions, the mean coil diameter D is determined. Step 3: From Eq. 18) Step 4: Find the ultimate tensile strength (Sut) of the wire material from Eq. 2. 20) For static loading, the factor of safety should be between 1 and 2. 1(b) and repeating the above steps, till an acceptable value of Ns is achieved. Step 7: Determine the spring rate Fmax – Fmin δ Use Eqs. 22) A rounding off is done to the nearest 1 of the coil.

15(a)). Transformations may be composed stepwise as follows: (i) Point A on L may be translated to coincide with the origin O using the transformation TA. The new line L′ remains parallel to L. 15(b)). The magnitude of OUyz is d = √( n y2 + n z2 ) = √(1 – n x2 ) . 15(b) Computing angles from the direction cosines nz , d sin ψ = ny d Rotate OU about the x-axis by ψ to place it on the x-z plane (OU′) in which case OUyz will coincide with the z-axis. OU′ makes angle φ with the z-axis such that cos φ = d and sin φ = nx.

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