Advanced nanoelectronics by Razali Ismail, Mohammad Taghi Ahmadi, Sohail Anwar

By Razali Ismail, Mohammad Taghi Ahmadi, Sohail Anwar

"With a spotlight on present learn, this publication covers nanodevice features, cutting-edge concepts used for nanodevice modeling, and functions of those versions in varied disciplines of technology and engineering. The textual content first bargains an advent to the elemental techniques of nanoelectronics, nanoscale gadget modeling, and nanoquantum basics. Then, it discusses intimately nanodevice features and Read more...

summary: "With a spotlight on present study, this booklet covers nanodevice features, cutting-edge ideas used for nanodevice modeling, and functions of those types in varied disciplines of technological know-how and engineering. The textual content first bargains an advent to the elemental thoughts of nanoelectronics, nanoscale equipment modeling, and nanoquantum basics. Then, it discusses intimately nanodevice features and nanoscale gadget types. It additionally provides an in depth dialogue of graphene nanoribbon expertise in addition to graphene nanoribbon dependent types. moreover, the authors describe key recommendations of quantum computing and quantum nanodots"

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67 cannot be approximated as done for the hydrogen atom. 4 Density of States The density of states expressions introduced here are valid when the density is fairly high, that is, when the effects of quantum confinement are not too large. For structures where the confinement size is of the order of the de Broglie wavelength, the density of states is modified. 5. 1 Three Dimensional The electron is confined in a three-dimensional infinite potential well and the potential inside the well is zero. 68) (2me* L2 ) The number of states below a given energy En is equal to the number of states in an n-space octant of radius n = En /E1 multiplied by 2—we consider an octant rather than a sphere because the n α do not take negative values, and the factor of 2 accounts for electron spin.

12 Subband energy quantization in a quantum well. 1 Scope of the Model The infinite-well model used here is not a very accurate approximation of a real ­heterostructure; but it does represent the basic behavior fairly well, and it illustrates how quantum effects are more pronounced than in structures that in all dimensions are large compared to the de Broglie wavelength. A fuller treatment taking into account the finiteness of the wells and other factors is given in Bastard (1991). 2 Density of States in a Quantum Well It is also useful to look at the influence of the well confinement on the density of states.

63) With the help of Bloch’s theorem, the Schrödinger’s equation can be solved exactly and an energy band structure results. 6 shows band energy E versus Bloch wave number k for the Kronig and Penney model. This arises from a transcendental equation that is easily solved numerically (de L. Kronig and Penney, 1931). The Kronig–Penney model is straightforward to work with and produces a band structure but quantitatively it is not accurate; more realistic models can be employed at the expense of an increase in mathematical complexity.

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