A Woman's Guide to Tantra Yoga by Vimala McClure

By Vimala McClure

Frequently fallacious as completely the "yoga of sex," Tantra Yoga is extra effectively defined because the "yoga of everything," within which the religious is united with each point of lifestyles. This e-book bargains step by step directions and illustrations to give an explanation for the perform and philosophy of Tantra Yoga — tailored to the explicit actual, emotional, and religious matters of ladies. the writer explains differing tools of meditation and mantras, respiring and rest, yoga positions, visualization, and affirmations — demonstrating how a regular regimen of meditation and yoga can deliver concentration and power either bodily and spiritually. greater than a consultant to health, A Woman's consultant to Tantra Yoga brilliantly adapts essentially the most venerable jap practices to the calls for of recent lifestyles.

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Investing the energy usually used in sexuality for the perception of spirituality. Non-possessiveness: Carefully studying the sense of possession. Suppressing it effectively while studying methods of its eradication and spiritually supportive uses. 31. Even though one may be pressured to adjust the moral restraints, one should strive to side-step those causes and justifications for deviation. The pressures come on from the status, the location, the time and the condition. Since the moral restraints are applicable in all stages of yoga, they are the great commitment for all yogis.

45 46 YOGA SŪTRAS Verse 3 inimÄmàyaejk< àk«tIna< vr[ÉedStu tt> ]eiÇkvt! nimittaṁ aprayojakaṁ prakṛtīnāṁ varaṇabhedaḥ tu tataḥ kṣetrikavat The motivating force of the subtle material energy is not used except for the disintegration of impediments, hence it is compared to a farmer. Verse 4 inmaR[icÄaNyiSmtamaÇat! nirmāṇacittāni asmitāmātrāt The formation of regions within the mento-emotional energy, arises only from the sense of identity which is developed in relation to material nature. Verse 5 àv&iÄÉede àyaejk< icÄmekmneke;am!

5. That spiritual ignorance is revealed to someone when he realized that what he considered to be eternal was temporary, and what was pure was actually impure, what was joyful was in fact distressful and what was spiritual was mundane. 6. The compelling tendency to react to other influences occurs when one cannot distinguish between the viewingsensing power and what is seen through it. 7. The impulsive urge to link with other factors emotionally creates as a result, a craving for repeated contact with those factors and a devoted attachment to any pleasure experienced by such contact.

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