A Practical Guide to Swing Trading eBook **Making Money by Larry Swing

By Larry Swing

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So you have all the time in the world to be prepared to swing these stocks like a PRO. Let’s start with our first scan: this is the first scan we execute every single trading day. com A Practical Guide to Swing Trading by Larry Swing Swings the stock must be experiencing a minor decline/pullback within the context of a uptrend or the stock must be experiencing a minor rally as part of a downtrend We use this scan to search for stock that FORCESWING Title: has been in an uptrend but experiencing a minor decline/pullback.

As Albert Einstein used to say: keep things as simple as possible nut not any simpler! ) Force Index DMI Up/Down/In/Out ... 2 Why does Technical Analysis work? Simply because the large professional traders cannot help leaving behind considerable evidence regarding their opinion on the direction of the market: volume provides clues as to the intensity of a given price move... The key is psychology: you trade people, not stocks. luckily for us. Read this again and think about it! 3 The Basics A stock price is determined by an exchange between buyers and sellers.

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