A New Kabbalah for Women by Perle Besserman

By Perle Besserman

The pink bracelet: it graces the wrists of diverse celebrities - from Madonna to Britney Spears - who've switched over to the non secular perform of Kabbalah. yet what's Kabbalah and the way can girls use it on their very own lives? In a brand new Kabbalah for girls, bestselling writer and instructor of Jewish mysticism and meditation, Perle Besserman, stocks a female method of spirituality. because the time of Moses, Jewish mysticism has been barred to ladies, and Shekhinah, the female facet of God, has been pressured underground. Now, many ladies are adapting conventional mystical practices in radical new methods. Besserman is on the vanguard of this revolution. during this publication she lines the background of female-centered worship and tells the tale of attempting to find her personal route to fact. Combining practices from the Kabbalah with meditation, Besserman walks readers via step by step rituals to discover their very own own reference to the divine.

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As he turned from me and hobbled away on his crutches, he was met by a beggar in a pair of baggy clown pants held up with a rope. “ . . Tzedakah! Charity,” the beggar pleaded, jabbing a smeared empty yogurt cup under black suit’s nose before being pushed aside. “ . . ” The watery-eyed beggar, whose fly, I noticed, was open, had now jumped in front of me and was shaking his cup. I opened my bag and took out my change purse. “Here! ” Dropping every last coin into the beggar’s cup I ran past 44 A NEW KABBALAH FOR WOMEN him to the parking lot, arriving just in time to catch the departing bus.

But if you have gone astray while married to your husband and have defiled yourself . . may the Lord make you a curse and an imprecation among your people, as the Lord causes your thigh to sag and your belly to distend; may this water that induces the spell enter your body. . ” The priest shall scoop out of the meal offering a token part of it and turn it into smoke on the altar. 13 If innocent, the accused woman remained unharmed. But if guilty, as soon as she drank the poisoned water she was immediately crippled and rendered barren for life.

Social institutions like kingship and caste emerge from his divine will, and earthly existence corre- ANCIENT BEGINNINGS 39 sponds to heavenly existence. Human beings participate in the divine life as descendants of the first man created from the earth by the Elohim, lesser manifestations of the all-powerful Marduk. It is humanity’s obligation to serve the gods through their offerings and earthly activities, while an elect group of human beings—male priests, seers, and prophets touched by the gods—are given the power of divination through dreams, visions, and the performance of esoteric rituals.

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