A journey through turbulence by Davidson P., et al. (eds.)

By Davidson P., et al. (eds.)

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Prandtl directed the Institut f¨ur Angewandte Mechanik of G¨ottingen University, the Aerodynamische Versuchsanstalt (AVA), as the rapidly expanding Motorluftschiffmodell-Versuchsanstalt was renamed after the First World War, and, after 1925, the associated Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut (KWI) f¨ur Str¨omungsforschung. His ambitions and the history leading to the establishment of the KWI are well summarized in his opening speech at his institute, which has been translated into English (Prandtl, 1925E). During the half century of Prandtl’s G¨ottingen period, from 1904 until his death, his school extended G¨ottingen’s fame from mathematics to applied mechanics, a specialty which acquired in this period the status of a self-contained discipline.

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