A History of the British Presence in Chile: From Bloody Mary by W. Edmundson

By W. Edmundson

This booklet units out to relate the contributions to and impact at the background of Chile that British viewers and immigrants have had, no longer as bystanders yet as key avid gamers, beginning in 1554 with the English Queen 'Bloody Mary' turning into Queen of Chile, and finishing with the decline of British impression following the second one international battle.

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Their motives were probably more piratical than altruistic. They left Valparaíso and captured two Spanish ships, the Minerva off Arica, and then the Spanish brig Santa María, which had dispatches from the Spanish authorities in Peru to the royalists in Chile. Mackay passed these documents to the patriot forces in Valparaíso, and for this act his activities as a privateer were given a degree of official approval. Pirates, Buccaneers, Privateers, Corsairs, Circumnavigators 25 A little later, in 1819, John Illingsworth with a crew of Chileans in the frigate Rosa de Los Andes was also operating off Panama.

Their Faces dawbed in spots down their Cheeks with white Clay, and some black streaks” (1694, 65). The Sweepstakes passed by the island of Chiloé and arrived at the mouth of the River Valdivia in December 1670. Narborough made contact with the Spanish garrison, and when he requested water, they were directed to Fort San Pedro, where an officer (Lieutenant Thomas Armiger), a “gentleman” (John Fortescue), and two sailors went ashore. They were initially treated cordially, but then the Governor had them arrested and demanded that Narborough’s ship enter the bay and position itself under the fort’s cannons.

This was a Explorers by Sea 29 phenomenon that could only be observed from one of the islands in the southern Pacific—and the island chosen was Otaheite. Cook sailed through the Le Maire Strait, between Staten Island and the south-eastern tip of Tierra del Fuego, before rounding Cape Horn, which he fixed with astonishing accuracy. He landed on Tierra del Fuego, in January 1769, in the Bay of Good Success, where contact with the Fuegian Indians was friendly. Cook thought them “perhaps as miserable a set of People as are this day upon Earth” (see Collingridge 2003, 150).

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