A History of Catholic Antisemitism: The Dark Side of the by R. Michael

By R. Michael

Relocating from the Catholic Church's pagan origins, during the Roman period, heart a long time, and Reformation to the current, Robert Michael right here offers a definitive background of Catholic antisemitism.

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24 Two laws of 383–84 punished Catholic conversion to Judaism by exile, expropriation, or death. ”26 A third law stated: “The blind and senseless Jews [are] heretics [and] abominable. . ”27 The Catholic Anti-Jewish Rhetoric of Codex Theodosianus Emperor Theodosius II’s collection of Roman law, the Codex Theodosianus of 438, contained a compilation of all the then-current legislation regarding the Jews. This legislation demonstrates that the Jewish communities’ rights, privileges, and security had declined and that Christianity was the primary cause.

Most visitors to the ghettos not only noticed the Jews’ abysmal physical condition, but also attributed their 50 A History of Catholic Antisemitism situation to their absurd and evil religion. A seventeenth-century French traveler described the Jewish ghetto in the papal city of Avignon as “a place filled with infection. . ”86 In 1783, an exceptionally frank traveler described the still-medieval carrière (ghetto) of papal Carpentras:87 The dirtiest and most inextricable [streets in Carpentras] are those in which the Jews are penned up, like some evil and dangerous beast, which has to be locked up at night.

At Notre Dame de Paris, the Devil in the form of a serpent with fangs ready to strike coils its body around Synagoga’s head and eyes, blinding her to the “truth” of Christianity. 26 Depictions of attacks against Synagoga reflect increasing violence against European Jews. Literature Latin and vernacular literature reflected and endorsed theological defamations of Jews. 27 The most famous of these “martyrs to Jewish evil” was Hugh of Lincoln. In 1255, eight-year-old Hugh apparently accidentally drowned in the cesspool of a Jew’s house in Lincoln.

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