36 Healing Herbs: The World's Best Medicinal Plants by Rebecca L. Johnson

By Rebecca L. Johnson

Nationwide Geographic's advisor to 36 "super" herbs similar to aloe, echinacea, ginkgo, and peppermint incorporates a wealth of crucial info at the heritage, tradition, folklore, and technological know-how of conventional and modern natural drugs in all significant tradition parts of the area. Emphasizing present study and healing makes use of, the quantity offers an A-Z directory of 36 of the greater than 80,000 identified medicinal crops all over the world. information regarding every one plant contains conventional and present medicinal makes use of, universal and Latin names, description, habitat, cultivation and practise, study, and warning indicators. extra essays at the therapeutic crops of Africa, Australia and New Zealand, primary and South the United States, China, Europe, India, North the US, the center East, and Oceania offer insightful glimpses into the attention-grabbing diversity and variety of neighborhood healthiness practices whereas additionally revealing the multifaceted roles that herbalists, healers, and herbal-medicine practitioners play within the lives in their sufferers.

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