11.Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology by John G. Webster (Editor)

By John G. Webster (Editor)

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In practical cases, each line is terminated by a load that is isolated from other loads. Assuming for simplicity the resistive termina- ρD = (Y0 + YD )−1 (Y0 − YD ) where YD is the admittance matrix of drivers. Terminating Loads. In signal transmission, the reflections must be controlled because they generate noise that may cause faults. In the case of a single line, we can control the reflection coefficient by the load impedance. However, in the case of multiconductor lines, we do not have a complete control over the reflections because in practical applications we can control m load values (m is the number of lines) only, but there are m(m ϩ 1)/2 different reflection coefficients considering that the matrices PR͗D͘ are symmetric.

Commercially, the term encapsulation is virtually synonymous with transfer molding of epoxy resin compounds. The transfer molding process places the solid, cylindrical epoxy charge into an external chamber, warms it to a liquid state, and then transfers the epoxy into the mold cavities containing the semiconductor assemblies. In 1997 over 100 million kg of transfer-grade epoxy molding compound encapsulated about 50 billion integrated circuit (IC) devices and about 200 billion small discrete devices.

K. S. Kundert, J. K. White, and A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Steady-state Methods for Simulating Analog and Microwave Circuits, p. 247. , 1990. 2. D. E. , Measurement based large-signal diode modeling system for circuit and device design, IEEE Trans. Microw. , 41: 2211–2217, 1993. 3. S. Ramo, J. R. Whinnery, and T. , p. 817. New York: Wiley, 194. 4. C. S. Chang, Electrical design of signal lines for multilayer printed circuit boards. IBM J. Res. , 32 (5): 647–657, 1988. 5. com/ tmo/hpeeof. 6. T.

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